A famous singer is going for a walk after a harangue with her manager.

A car is coming to the crossing.

And it's trying to run over Anastacia!

After this incident she's hurrying to police station.

She's coming to the superintendent...

...and she's telling her everything.

Anastacia has a concert second day.

And a commissioner is watching.

But Anastacia's seen a laser target.

Now the commissioner is running up to a culprit.

And she is knocking down Anastacia on a ground.

Then she's chasing the culprit.

But she didn't catch him.

So she does another thing.

She's cought a suspect- mamager.

But he doesn't want to say anything.

But when he's leaving, a pack droped out from his pocket.

The commissioner is picking up it...

...and she is finding a calling card of Anastacia's gardener and a letter where is written a manager's request to kill Anastacia.

And the commissioner's apprehending the culprit.

Created by Vilt

The End