Anastacia and Shakira

This is Anastacia, a singer, definitely you know her. After an agent and a gardener tried to kill her, she found another agent who was Shakira's agent.

It didn't make Shakira very excited but later her agent told her that it would be prosperous for her career, she agreed. „It will be cool, Shakira and Anastacia in the same house!“

Here's the mentioned agent. He matter to his career and money. But he couldn't see that Anastacia and Shakira don't like each other.

They live in this house, but! Nobody must not know who lives in it! Else there would be crowd of paparazzies so it be not worth having.

One day they were slugging by the swimming pool and talking: „How about make a common concert? It would be great! Crowds will be excited! Two stars on one stage, Anastacia and Shakira, super!“ and it was finished for him. He didn't note that girls weren't very happy.

Anastacia went inside so the agent was trying to persuade into doing it Shakira: „Wouldn't it be great? It would be prosperous for your pupularity! With your amazing voice…“ the agent was trying to flirt with her. Complimented Shakira didn't have any objection...

Then Shakira was thinking about the agent, common living with Anastacia, her career and mainly that concert. After that she reliazed she made a mistake when she had agreed.

„Is he joking? How he could think that I would be on the same stage with you?“ Anastacia was furious.

„How did you think this?!“ Shakira started to quarrel. „That I did a big mistake when I had went in the same house with you! Even I would go on a stage with you!“

„If you don't like this you can move out back! Nobody miss you here!“ Shakira started to raise her voice. „I'm going to do this!“ Anastacia said.

Anastacia went to pack up her things.

„What? You're leaving?“ asked the agent surprised when Anastacia told him this.

„It's a joke, isn't it? Somewhere's a hidden video camera to catch my stunned face! I must say it's really good, one moment I really thought that you're leaving! Don't repeat it, never An…“.

„No, that's not the hidden video camera! I won't be here any next minute! You're OK but I won't be here with HER! Bye!“ and she left to finish picking up.

„What I will do? this is the end of my career!“

In the evening
,,So I'm leaving." told Anastacia.

„I can see you dressed up well for that arrival“ „Hey, don't heckle, if you have something against it don't watch on me,“ objected Anastacia. „Look, take it cold, we're like small kids,“ started Shakira.

„You're right, so I'll stay here,“ accepted Anastacia and... two biggest rivals, Anastacia a Shakira, hugged!

„But don't say anything to the agent we will play you're leaving and you didn't change your decision,“ Shakira got an idea.

„When he notice we were joking, he will be angry!“

In the morning
„This is my last breakfast with you,“ said Anastacia while eating.

The agent took Shakira aside: „Please, speak with her. She musn't leave!“ „I won't speak with her. I don't care she's leaving. I won't miss her,“ played Shakira and tried to don't laught.

„You didn't find a dirtier car? You didn't say you're going to a village,“ criticised the agent. „Isn't my bussiness where I'm going to and by what?“

„She's really leaving. She's leaving! My live is in ruins! What shall I do??“ cried the agent.

„It was just a joke, I'm not leaving, that car belongs to gardener!“ „What?? It was just a game all the time?!“ the agent was surprised. „No, I realz wanted to leave. But we were talking and reconciled last evening.“ „And what about that ten concert?“ „We agree with it like an apology for that joke.“

The concert
Everybody's enjoying it. Even the agent.

„It ended really perfect! We were success!“ the agent was happy.

„So you will be delighted that all money we presented to charity,“ said Anastacia. „Joke again? I won't jump to it,“ the agent didn't let put out of humour. „No, it's truth,“ Shakira was laughing.

„So I felt flat again?“ got dumpish the agent.

„You're that one who has organised this?“ asked one little fan. „Yeah, it was me,“ answered still sad agent. „Your really cool,“ the little fan tried to be rough but she debased it with kissing the agent.

„So you have something from that after all,“ singers were laughing. „Haha, make a fun!“ the agent played offended but he had to laugh, too.

It ended well after all. Girls made a peace, the concert was for a good thing, everybody was pleased (though the agent had to cure from this shock some time) and live happy to the death.

Created by Gigilo

The End