The 10th Kingdom

And there was a wedding!

All relatives came to celebrate the new marriage

and the begining of our second story, too.

18 months later, Wolf and Virginia are opening their dream restaurant.

The Restaurant is waiting for its opening: ,,Where's everybody?" asks already nervous Virginia.

,,Mirror public transport probably isn't the fastest, you see."

Prince Wendell is getting closer to the restaurant but without Tony.

,,Virginia, I have a horrible information: Your father has been abducted by the wizard Lordos!"

,,Anthony didn't even finished my palace and I've recenty beted with one king about that, who will build own palace sooner, he gets a parcel of a size my empire."

,,Oh, no! We must to the fairyland! Now!"

,,Who will take care of our wolfling?"

,,I will and I give an advise to you: Start finding at fairies, they always know the most things..."

And so...

,,We'll advise you if you guess our riddle."

,,Begins when the light changed, ends when ringing continues."

Virginia is nervously mumling a guess to herself but Wolf has got other cares: ,,So pretty blooms! It's a dream!"

,,Yes, the answer is a dream. So: Our world does not end at space like in the Earth, but a huge place with portals which lead into mind of all of us."

Wolf with Virginia are nodding...

...and they're going on.

Wolf unburdened oneself: ,,They didn't tell us much. What now?"

There has just emerged tree mermaids in front of them.

Virginia guickly jumped in and she's asking: ,,Hello, don't you know where can we find wizard Lordos, please?"

,,You have to go across this lake."

,,And don't you know how?"

,,Take these pearls, you'll be able to cross this lake."

Wolf with Virginia are walking on the bottom yet.

But they're just sucked by a whirpool.

Before they recover...

...there is sitting Lordos in front of them: ,,All your endeavors are needless! You won't get your Anthony from my mind anyway!"

And they just get to his mind.

,,Hello everybody!"

,,Dad! How did you get here?!" jerks out Virginia.

,,I wanted to ask a same guestion but when we're talking about..."

,,...I was inspecting construction of a prince's palace..."

,,...and then just came some guy which was finding me, well, and I was here..."


,,But why would he went there as a subject to the king who has beted with our prince?" says Tonny.

,,Or Lordos is that king!"

A few hours later...
,,Who is snoring here?" asks weary Tony.

,,It's sure Lordos! Let's try to ask him about something and maybe he'll unknowingly tell us something!"

,,Hey! How did you get here?!"

Sudenly appears one of wizards memories in front of them...

,,Damn! I can't read it!" complains Virginia. ,,Ment... mento port..."

,,Mento portale abbasso!" shouted Wolf.

When it flash and everyone is out at the lake.

And they fastly run back to Wendell's empire staight to him.

Wendell's impatiently waiting yet: ,,I'm glad your're back. Finaly you''l save my kingdom."

,,Forget of the kingdom, Lordos is certainly near to us! That king zou betted with!"

,,What?! Is it that man?!" says prince angry and call servants: ,,Prepare the army! We'll declare war on to Lordos!"

,,And where's the wolfling?" asks Virginia.

,,The butler teached him some spells somewhere here."


Suddenly Lordos's appearced and is laughing of: ,,Anyone can't destroy me, I want your kingdom, Wendell!"

To a surprise of everyone happened something what anyone didn't expect. The young wolfing pick his small hand and cast a fire of the wizard.

,,Noo! Not a fire!!!" screams Lordos but after while he's just an ash.

,,Probably he didn't like a fire," says Wolf.

,,Your're our little hero!" says Virginia and lovefully take him to her arms.
Then there was a big celebrating banquet. Wolf with Virginia and the wolfling went back to New York and after a couple months Tonny returned too, he built the most pretty palace from all of nine kingdom.

Created by Vilt and Janey

The end