About The Little Riding Hood

„Your grandma called me, that she‘s sick. Go to see her place and take her this bottle of fresh blood.“

„Yes mom, I will.“

„But just don’t talk to wolves. You know they are very hungry recently.“

„Fine, mom. I will go. Bye.“


„That sun burn so awfully! I must refresh myself a little.“

Gluck, gluck, gluck.

„Now I’m fine again :)“

„No! I have drunk the blood for my grandma!“

„I must fill that bottle somehow...“

„Hi, Little Riding Hood. Why are you going thru a forest all alone?“

„Shut up and get lost wolf! I must not talk to strange animals!“

„But, wait... I have an idea.“

„Look wolf. Don‘t you want this ham, which I am bringing to the grandma?“

„No way! Do you know, how that pig was suffering when they were killing it? I’m a vegetarian!“

„Then take this Activia. It will help you with the troubles about digestion and when you won’t feel results, you can return it and you will get your money back!“

„That sounds good. Give it to me!“

„So come here for it!“

„Wait! What are you doing? EEEEEE! HELP!“

„So, blood is back. Let‘s go to the grandma.“

„Hallo?! Grandma! I have a present from mom for you!“

Screek, crrrrr.

„Hi my Little Hoodey! I didn‘t see you here for a long time! Give me that bottle. I’m so thirsty!“

„Mmmm, fresh blood... yum...“

„Faugh! That’s wolf’s! I’m allergic on it! HELP!“


„I‘ll kill you, stupid hoodey!“

Created by Majkyn
Translated by Nina Carbonic
Corection by Vilt

The End