Pirates of the Caribbean

A few days until that "ten years"...

„That would never have happened to the Pearl. Mr. Gibbs, we have to get it back.“

Gibbs: „What shall we do captain?“

„We get back the Black Pearl. Hmm... didn't I say it ever before?“

„But what shall we do now?“

„I'm gonna go to the deck to get some rum.“

„I support that, captain!“

„And you get the ship to the land.“

Jack: „I hope when I will wake up we will be in Tortuga. I relly on you, crew!“

One week later...

Barbossa is speaking to the crew: ,,Pintel and Ragetti will go with me.“

„The rest of you stay here to guard the ship.“

Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti land on the island.

Meanwhile Jack is arriving to the Black Pearl.

„There they are!“

„Is Barbossa there?“

„I hope he isn't. Let's go.“

Jack and Gibbs get on the board.


Crew: „...“

„What's your salary by Barbossa for a year? Whatever he gives you, I'll give you twice!“

Marty: „A half chest of gold plus bonus.“

„I was afraid of it...“

„Oh, c'mon! Come back to me!“

Marty: „Well, when I think about it, we haven't found any treasure really long time.“

Meanwhile Barbossa is coming back to the Pearl: „Damn it! The treasure isn't here!“

He notices Jack: „Look who's there! Sparrow!“

Jack: „Hi, Hector!“

„Elizabeth asked for you yesterday. And she has got a kid.“

„Will has a girl?“

„No, boy. And Will will return on land for a day soon and I'm pretty sure he wants to change his destiny. And if I remember it well you were interested in this destiny.“

„But I would have to kill Will.“

Jack tosses the gun with one bullet to Barbossa...

...and he orders to the crew: „We're leaving!“

A few hours later...

„I'm sure Barbossa knows the way how to cheat it. Hmm... what about asking the source?“

„I've got it! Let's ask Tia Dalma!“

Jack ironically: „I really didn't know it without you...“

„Set the course, captain!“

„Course Tia Dalma!“

A few days later...

The Black Pearl stands in front of the huge tornado.

Jack reaches to pocket...

...and he takes out a special thing...

...cone of light bursts out from it, which grows into the tornado.

„Tia Dalma!“

„Ehm... Kalypso...“

„...Right! Kalypso, come down to me!“

Flash of light is materializing into Kalypso.

„I glad to see you, again, Jack.“

„So do I.“

Kalypso: „What is troubling you?“

„I'll be brief: Do you know who's the new captain of the Flying Dutchman?“

„Will Turner.“

„Let's... just in theory- Would it be possible to take the curse from Will to make me a captain?“

„Oh, Jack. It is possible but...“


„I want something in return.“

„Everything for you.“

„You know, before Davy Jones has died I haven't had no time to tell him godbye. I would like to see him and apologize him.“

„What's the problem?“

„I don't have a power to get there but you've got a map and a ship...“

„Wait. Don't we have to sail to the world's end through the "little" waterfall? I quite like the Pearl.“

„Don't be afraid, I'll arrange it.“

„So let's go!“

A few days later...

Kalypso: „We are close.“

The Pearl is getting closer to the huge waterfall...

...until it falls into the waterfall.

When suddenly Tia speads her hands and water starts flow around the ship.

„Wow! it was like pfffau!“ Jack is impressed.

After a few days of sailing...

Cotton's bird croaks: „The land on the horrrizon!“

The land is showing little by little throught the fong.

The Pearl is anchired a few meters from the shore.

Jack: „It's up to you. We'll be waiting here.“

Jack: „Pintel and Ragetti bring you to the shore.“

„Let's go, Mrs. Catherine.“

Tia gets off at the shore. She goes...

... and there spreads endless grassy land in the distance.

Haggard Davy Jones lies near.

Tia appears in front of him.

Jones is standing.



„I'm sorry it has gone so far.“

„I have no words for you. I don't wanna talk to you. Go away.“


„Get out!“

Tia dissapears...

...to ashore and then...

...back to the ship.


Tia: „Not yet. I have to say you something, Jack.“


„I cheated you. I had to. I can't remove a curse.“


„Don't you realize that if it worked I would have freed Davy?“


„Bring her back to the island and come back. Without her.“

Next day...

Another day in the Turner's homely house...

Will tells some stories about his adventures to little Weatherby. A son is listening tensely.

Jack appears in the room suddenly.

„Jack! What are you doing here?“

„Although I haven't been planning it like this I came to see you.“


Barbossa invades the house.



„Do you invited him?“

„Oh, Jack, haven't you found your new ship?“

„No. What are you doing here?“

„I've came for my heart.“

„Will! The chest!“

„Looking for this?“

„Do you wanna kill me?!“

„I owe you for a ship so I'll give you a drop of water of eternal youth.“

„Where did you found it? I have been on the island and it has been afloated.“

„It's my fault, I've been there sooner.“

„So why do you still want that heart?“

„You'll find out very soon.“

Barbossa punctures the heart...

...splashes Will...

...and he runs out from the house.

But Will turns into...

...a five years old kid.

Story by Vilt
Photos and characters by Janey

The End