So little time

Chloe (staring Ashley Olsen), her sister Riley (staring Mary-Kate Olsen) and their nanny Manuelo.

Jake and Macy- parents of Chloe and Raily. They're divorced so the girls are trying to get them together again but they haven't been successful yet.

One day Raily got on idea how to get their parents together.
Raily: ,,Chloe, we could say we're looking for some 2 adult pairs at school who could play the king and the queen for example."

So they went to visit Manuel to tell him about it.
Chloe: ,,Manuel, we've got an idea how to get our parents together." Manuelo watch soup operas a lot so he made a story for them very quickly.

When he finished writing, he gave it to the girls.

Raily a Chloe went to parents end explained them everything. But they didn't want to excapt it but finally they did.

Chloe went to find some room for rent. Girls found a lot of them but no one looked like the right one. But the one.

They prepaired this one and invited their parents. They have an exam every day but they didn't recognized something new. Parents were still argued and nothing attracted them together.

Raily wanted to give up but Chloe hoped. She wanted to find some informations about love etc. on the internet, but no result.

The girls found some costumes, got dressed parents and got to it . Chloe noticed that the parents are looking to each other. And Macy really put herself in her role, Jake too.

An important scene came up. Before parents kissed, they had to say some sentenses but they forgot on it and started romantically kissing.

Chloe got Riley away. The parents annuled the divorce and lived always together.

Created by Judith

The End